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7.1.5 Legion marches Onward!

So I have not updated this for a few months. And a lot has happened since then.

  1. I have managed to get my main to 110

  2. I acquired two legendaries

  3. I changed realms (from EU:Dragonblight to EU:The Sha’tar).

  4. Changed Faction - Alliance to Horde

So why this drastic change. I moved with my guild to the new server. We have a team who will soon be ready to go and do some Mythic dungeons.
As always my main is a Paladin. Now he is a Blood Elf (instead of Human) called Oregoreg instead of Oreg.
My Legendaries are Chain of Thrayn  and Tyr’s Hand of Faith.
I am really enjoying the expansion much more so than I have enjoyed WOD. And while waiting for some of my guild mates to catch up I have been racking up achievements. In addition I have been pushing hard on my pets. So much so that I am now number three on my realm for Pets (Number two if you count Horde only ).
Onward and upward !


I have been powering on . I have now:

  • earned flying in Draenor,

  • all my toons to level 100

  • purchased the new expansion (Legion)

  • purchased a Virtual Blizzcon ticket

I have been busy working on achievements and tidying up some loose ends.
I have pretty much dropped Elite Dangerous to concentrate on Warcraft.
I continue to level up pets and have been working back through earlier content I missed for one reason or another.

Other news the trailer for the Warcraft movie has been released. Awesome

Draenor Pathfinder!

So again it has been an age since I updated (June). The main reason for this is that I have been playing Elite:Dangerous mostly. This is proving to be my new addiction. However with the annoucement of the new expansion (Legion) I have dived back in. My aim is to

  1. earn flying in the current expansion

  2. get all the playing toons to level one hundred (100)

  3. upgrade Oreg to max item I can casually

  4. Do some achievements

So far I have earned flying. Got all my Alliance toons to one hundred (100). I am halfway through upgrading Oreg and have done some more acheivements.
I have to start working on my Horde character (Corcon) with the fact I have earned flying this will make it a lot easier. It certainly made upliftingthe other toons to one hundred (100) much much easier.

I have signed up for a virtual ticket for Blizzcon and for the extra goodies. I am going to sign up for the expansion too.
See you on the flipside !


So it has been quite a while since I have written anything here. I do know that at this point in time I will be updating this less and less going forward. This is mainly due to the fact that I am more involved with Elite:Dangerous a space simulation that consumed my life thirty (30) years ago. With its kickstarter and successful launch I am on that more than imam on WOW!
That said I am still maintaining the characters in-game. I log into them at least once a week to look at their garrisons update them and deal with any in-game communications tat needs dealing with.
So what's new with 6.2 ? The ability to add ports to your garrison for start. The quest line for flying in Draenor has started too. All good stuff. I am still keeping in touch with it. That is it for now. I will continue to update this blog. However the updates will be even more sporadic than they are currently.

One Hundred !

First of all - Happy New Year! I hope the year will bring you all you wish for.  I have managed to drag my main character to one hundred (100) (Oreg - Human Paladin - Holy - DragonBlight EU)  kicking and screaming all the way. Some of the new stuff in Warlord of Draenor are simply awesome - Garrisons,Followers,Treasure . I have also managed to gear up enough to start raiding and have done all three raids that are currently available. I also managed to get in and do the Molten Core anniversary raid which was timely as it ends on 13th January. It brought back some interesting memories forty (40) man raids .

Work continues in the meantime. Gearing up Oreg is my main concern. Leveling my alts is secondary.  And then finally wokring on some achievements. Motes of Harmony and Spirit of Harmony are selling well at the moment. So this may be an excuse for you visit the farm and to make some money.

Lots of pets, acheivements and mounts still to get. Enjoy!

Warlords of Draenor!

So the pre-installation of the data for the upcoming expansion has happened and with i a number of changes.
Stats go squished and some things got removed. The result of that is that we will all have to relearn our rotations and tricks for questng,Dungeons and raids.
The addition of a reagent tab to persoonal anks is a another good move which will help any of us hat trade on the AH.

Stack sizes on a number of items got upgraded so that they stack 200 items at a time instead of 10 or 20.
Motes of Harmony and Spirits of Harmony are no longer soul bound. These last two items mean that if you are trading to gain in-game gold you will need to clear you auctioneer stats and start rebuilding them again to get a true representation of the prices.

The final change that is probably a bit more far reaching is the removal of the Guild Perks. So you will no longer earn money for the guild through raiding, questing or running dungeons. This will mean that if guilds are offering repairs they wll have to come up with revenue generation streams to maintain that particular perk.

The item I am looking most forward to in the exansion is the Garrisons.

In the meantime I will continue to work through the current expansion to gather mounts, pets and achievements.

Advice for a New Player

There will be some new players coming online for Warcraft (I know because I introduced some), so the question is "What guidance would I give a new player?".

  1. When choosing your Race and Class - chose the one you like (it will keep you interested)

  2. As soon as you can get some primary professions. there are many to chose from but for a starting character I recommend one of the following three to start with until you are level ninety (90) :

    • Mining

    • Skinning

    • Herbalism

  3. Maximise your bags. This will help you gather

  4. Loot Everything. This is so important I will say it again Loot Everything.

  5. Do not purchase any upgrade (at least until you are level 90 ). Use the item upgrade from quest rewards to upgrade gear. Sell the rest. If green, Blues, or purples drop while questing consider selling them on the Auction House.

  6. If you find a nice Social Guild then join it (the questing bonus is worth it) and a good social guild will always help a new player.

  7. Take some time out to find and use add-ons.

  8. Enjoy it.

So let me talk about my set up for a minute. I use a few add-ons for Warcraft. The basics are

  • Titan : for screen layout

  • Postal : for in-game mail management

  • Archaeo: for archaeology

  • Gathermate2: for data on mining,herbing,dig-sites.

I have some class specific add-ons and a ton of raid specific add-ons (when you get that far ask me)
My character set-up is a follows .
I have a main (Oreg, Human. Paladin Holy) (Engineering,Blacksmithing)
I have a bank character (Morgyna, Human, Warrior). She sits in Dalaran all  the time to watch the auction house and act as a "Bank" for all my other characters.
I have a number of other character which cover all the remaining professions.

I hope this helps - do grab me if you are on my server (EU - Dragonblight)

Warlords of Draenor

This is a quick look at what I think you need to do to prepare for the new expansion ("Warlords of Draenor" WoD).  So some of the basics that you needed for MoP ("Mists of Panderia") are the same.

  1. Ensure all your Alts are levelled to 90

  2. Ensure all your professions are maxed out.

  3. Store money and materials for quick boosts once the expansion opens

  4. Complete any achievements that you think you will not go back to once the expansion starts.

In addition you will need to bear in mind.

  1. The Addition of Garrisons will require (almost certainly) to spend more gold

  2. levelling crafting professions (especially at the start of the expansion) is expensive

  3. If you are in a Guild you may want to prepare it too

  4. Clear and pare down the Guild Bank (doing so now will make more sense then closer to the expansion launch)

So the action list for the upcoming expansion is

  1. Level any significant alt to 90 that you need to

  2. Gather gold and materials for the expansion (500k gold  should more than cover it)

  3. Expand all bags to maximum

  4. Expand all personal banks to maximum

  5. Expand all personal Guild banks to maximum

Those last three will be essential for storage purposes.
Now will be a good time to go through your add ons - earmark this that are expansion specific for removal if appropriate.
For other (Like Auctioneer and Gathermate) work out when you will need to clear down data t get accurate readings for the new expansion.

Finally the new expansion will undoubtably hit trading in the Auction Houses. Some items will hold their own. Enchanting Materials, Crafting Materials I would expect to maintain their prices (or increase as people start to stockpile).

What do you think ?
Let me know !

Enjoy !


So here I am again !  Time has moved on! I am still playing and surprisingy so are a lot of my guildmates. The "Timeless Isle" has arrived and many of us are running around and generally enjoying it. I have not tried heroic scenarios or flexible raids yet. But I have resumed levelling alts. So there you have it the briefest of updates.



I bought 150 stacks o Ghost Iron Ore t 40g a stack (6,000g total) his price represent a good price on my server (DragonBlight EU).I divided this up between my miner character and my jewelcrafting character.My miner character will convert the ore to bars to send it to my blacksmithing character to convert into armour or weapons to disenchant for materials.My Jewelcrafter will prospect the ore for gems (some of which  will be sold, some vendored and some crafted into Jewelcrafting items for disenchanting).

When the gems for vendoring are selected they are first crafted into cut gems. This process will create green gems along with some blues. The blues are sent to the Auction House for sale Along with these will go the high quality gems.  The remaining gems are crafted into rings or neck pieces. again the greens here will be sent to be disenchanted and the blues sent to be placed on the Auction House.This process will add more cost a Jeweler's Settings ill have to be bought (at 1.5g each to create 180 items that will add 270g to the expenses).

One thing that has to be noted here is that I had some stock of materials on hand. So if the inventory seems a little bloated that is why.Also this is an example of my activity. This is one stream of revenue. I will as time permits outline the others I do when I can. Also this the figures are based on the values for my server your and those for your faction may differ. I use two good resources when looking at things like this (JMTC and Undermine Journal).

So from 75 stacks o Ghost Iron Ore 1,500 pieces) I generated

Lapus Lazuli110
Pandarian Garnet213
Tiger Opal117
Imperial Amethyst24
River's Heart26
Vermilion Onyx24
Primordial Ruby40
Wild Jade17
Sun's Radiance22
Serpent's Eye5

This table below is the final total of what I did items. This and One other action is my total Auction House action for the weekend.I bought tw Brawler's Passes on speculation to resell.

Primordial Ruby402,476.00AH
Sun's Radiance20611.00AH
River's Heart20736.00AH
Serpent's Eye40394.00AH
Imperial Amethyst201,247.00AH
Vermilion Onyx201,542.00AH
Bold Pandarian Garnet9479.9079.90Vendor
Perfect Bold Pandarian Garnet6900.00AH
Fractured Sunstone1815.3015.30Vendor
Perfect Fractured Sunstone240.00AH
Ornate Bands (Green)94Disenchant
Ornate Bands (Blue)61,200.00772.00AH
Shadowfire Necklace (Green)88Disenchant
Shadowfire Necklace (Blue)71,500.00AH
Contender Spririt Bracers 146Disenchant
Spirit Dust 19722.00722.00AH
Small Ethereal Shard 2584.00286.00AH
Mysterious Essence 1330.00AH

Early days yet but here we go - will keep you informed as the week goes on.